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Description:   This project houses various examples to help developers see how to better use the server side work in Eclipse's Equinox project.

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Knight's Mail A "webmail" application written using XUL, so that it looks and behaves similar to thunderbird, while installing no software on the client other than a mozilla based browser (mozilla, firefox, etc.) It uses PHP on the server side and XUL/javascript on th

LMBoinc Helps everyone to get a good beginning condition to use BOINC. This project includes necessary server side scripts to create a BOINC project, to add new application and workunits. It modifies film-sequences with image manipulation methods.

Lodel Lodel is a high quality web publishing system. Documents (in DOC, RTF or SXW) are imported using OpenOffice.org server-side. Lodel automatically produces sites with toc, keyword index, author index and much more. (PHP/MySQL).French only currently.

MOD_BAIK mod_baik is an Apache HTTP server module for using the BAIK scripting language for server-side programming with Indonesian syntax. It supports HTML inline coding, GET-POST input methods, URL redirection, and database connections. support GET and POST method, redirect URL and Databases

Kohana CSSCache Module Kohana module for web performance friendly CSS caching. Includes bundling and minification of the CSS files, server and client side Caching methods and giving dynamically generated CSS files the correct .css extension. Server side cachingClient side cachingMinificationBundling of filesSetting correct .css extensionSetting Expires and ETag ...

Kohana JSCache Module Kohana module for web performance friendly Javascript caching. Includes bundling and minification of files, server and client side caching and setting correct .js extensions. Server side cachingClient side cachingMinificationBundling of filesSetting correct .js extensionSetting Expires and ETag headers

Open Liars A C# library that handles Open Layers javascript library in a server side fashion and declarative way. You code as if you were living in a server side enviroment and at the end the library will write the client code for ya.

Highlander web server Highlander is a multithreaded HTTP server which allows you to use C or C++ to implement server side functionality. The goal is to replace languages like Javascript, PHP, Perl, and ASP with C/C++.

S3C Simple Server-side Cache S3C is a Simple Server-Side object Caching framework that allows web developers to cache objects on server for fast retrieval and makes it easier to persist objects on the application server in JNDI context making them readily available to the App

Server Side Validations in .NET Server Side Validations in .NET, is a project to validate the contents of fields of GUI on the server. It overcomes some of the highest standards of Security and QA. The validations are configured by XML, and error messages are multiple languages.

Equinox Desktop Environment Equinox Desktop Environment is fast desktop environment with familiar look and feel. It should work fine on slower computers too.

Era Clickatell SMS API This class is meant to send SMS via Clickatell, learn your account balance, send UNICODE sms and query about your sms, account etc. This class use the fopen or CURL module to communicate with the Clickatell gateway via HTTP/HTTPS. Send SMS via Clickatell gatewayGet your ...

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